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Literary Analysis
"The Murder" by John Steinbeck essay The author of the story makes the woman lag behind and blindly obey man’s orders. She fulfills her duties without showing any emotional response to the occurring. It is a story of a married couple where the wife is a “foreigner” to her husband.
Loneliness in “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck essay This is a book about the last hope that two people have, the hope they have put each day of their life in, the hope that leads to desperation and loneliness.
The theme of loneliness and isolation in John Steinbeck’s “Of mice and men” Loneliness and isolation make the John Steinbeck’s characters (George, Lennie, Curley, Curley’s wife, ) unhappy.
Character Analysis
Of Mice and Men character analysis Each of the characters of John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” is very controversial and has a deep psychological conflict inside.
George and Lennie father and son relationship George and Lennie can be viewed as father and son in John Steinbeck’s “Of mice and men”.
Of Mice and Men essay: Candy and George vs. the crowd The individual (George) cannot be happy because of the weakness and the inability to stand the pressure of the individuals around.
Of Mice and Men summary John Steinbeck’s “Of mice and men” is a very tragic novella revealing man’s weakness.
Symbolism in “Of mice and men” by John Steinbeck The symbolism of the Candy’s dog, Lennie accidently killing a puppy and George and Lennie’s dream of a farm are essential elements of the message of John Steinbeck’s “Of mice and men”.

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