Greyhound Bus Station in Orlando

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Founded in 1914, Greyhound Lines, Inc. has become one of the largest providers of intercity bus transportation. The Greyhound Lines station serves more than 2,300 destinations. The daily amount of the people, who are move to and from the station often amounts to 13,000. The destination places served by the stations are located all across the North America. Greyhound Lines, Inc. has a reputation of an American icon, providing safe, enjoyable and affordable travel to nearly 25 million passengers each year. The picture of the running dog became the symbol of Greyhound Lines Company. During the recent times, the brand has become one of the most recognized brands in the world.

Greyhound has the reputation as a regularly scheduled passenger service. Greyhound Lines, Inc is known for offering its customers quite a big range of other services. The main benefit of Greyhound PackageXpress service is the introduction of a value-priced same-day and early-next-day package delivery. The delivery is extended to thousands of destinations. Greyhound Travel Services unit is well known for offering a range of charter packages. These are designed for businesses, conventions, schools and other groups. Charter packages are offered at competitive rates.

Greyhound is known for possessing three operating subsidiaries in the United States. The subsidiaries are a part of the nationwide Greyhound network. The subsidiaries include the following items: Valley Transit Company, serving the Texas-Mexico border, Crucero USA, serving southern California and Arizona into Mexico, and Americanos USA, serving points in Mexico from Texas and New Mexico. (About Greyhound. http://www.greyhound.com/home/en/About/About.aspx)

Greyhound is known for its interline partnerships with a number of independent bus lines. These lines are located across the United States. The companies are known for providing complementary service to Greyhound Lines' existing schedules.

 The lines are also linked to many of the smaller towns in Greyhound Lines' national route system. (About Greyhound. http://www.greyhound.com/home/en/About/About.aspx)

Amtrak passengers are known for using Greyhound to make connections to cities. These cities are usually served by rail on Amtrak Thruway service. The objective can be reached by purchasing a ticket for the bus connection from Amtrak in conjunction with the purchase of their rail ticket.

Greyhound enables passengers to buy tickets directly from Greyhound. The travel destination is popular with a number of countries.

My experience with Greyhound Canada is particularly impressing. Greyhound Canada carries millions of passengers across its wonderful country. Enjoying the scenes and the sun of this country was particularly impressing with Greyhound Courier Express package delivery service that enabled me to visit a number of locations of this miraculous country.

Finally, I was very satisfied with the way; the company had been treating its customers. It had the lasting feeling of conform that proved to be never ending with such as great company as Greyhound.


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