Expository essay outline & structure

Outline for Expository essay: Structure (Introduction, body, conclusion paragraphs)

An expository essay is a complex written paper which presents the explanation of something only supporting it with facts and absolutely not on the subjective opinion. It is vital for the author not to present his own opinion but simply to summarize the facts about the object of the expository essay. With the help of an expository essay the author explains certain information to the reader revealing his own understanding of the analyzed field of knowledge. Such essays are very useful to learn how to do something.

Expository Essay Outline.

An expository essay traditionally consists out of three major parts:



  • Paragraph 1-Reveals the main idea of the analyzed object.
  • Paragraph 2-Describes how to do something on the topic.
  • Paragraph 3- Analyzes the process itself or summarizes the ideas referring to it.


Expository Essay Structure

    Introduction (presents general information on the topic of the essay and provides a thesis statement which has to be completely based on facts and not on personal opinion).


  • Paragraph 1- Reveals the main idea of the work (Here the writer presents the main points which are the strongest supporting points. Starts supporting the thesis statement from the introduction).
  • Paragraph 2- Describes how to do something on the topic (Here the author gives a step by step description of the topic of the essay and the process itself).
  • Paragraph 3- Analyzes the process itself or summarizes the ideas referring to it (The author presents the summary of fact and other people’s opinion on the issue without presenting his personal analysis on the topic).

    Conclusion (the conclusion uses the facts revealed in the body of the expository essay. It analyzes different facts mentioned in the expository essay to prove the specific thesis statement mentioned in the introduction. The author may choose the facts which are suitable and more appropriate for revealing other people’s opinion on the issue. In order words, the conclusion has to prove the thesis statement which is declared in the last sentence of the introduction. In such a way the expository essay becomes complete).

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